BANCO is a producer of metal furniture, light fittings, marine doors, panels and other equipment that can be found in every wet unit or crew and passenger cabin. Our company provides bathroom components including mirror cabinets, light fittings, floor pans and B15- and C-class marine doors. We also offer a wide variety of shipboard furniture such as lockers, wardrobes, berths, and desks, to name a few. We have recently widened our range of B15- and B0-class wall and ceiling panels.

KK 82-500 


Address: Poland, RUSOCIN, 83-031 Gdanska 16

Contact person: Commercial Department ,e-mail, website

Phone: +48 58 6835592

Fax: +48 58 6834884

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Cabin can be fully equipped with all the accessories or prepared for it. It can be delivered in flat pack or completely finished, ready for install on board.

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